There are currently bugs with the logout facility and inserting new jpeg images to posts. These bugs only affect those who still have the old ezboard profiles, not those members who have Yuku profiles: basically, if you are using your ezboard login then you will find that the logout link doesn't working. Yuku are in no hurry to fix this issue, however if you right click on the logout link and then select 'open in new window' the usual logout page will appear.

As for inserting jpeg images, you can still use the WYSIWYG facility to insert old jpegs from your gallery folders but it won't work with more recently uploaded jpegs you have added to your gallery folder(s). You can use photobucket or insert a url addres for the image(s).

If you don't have lots of images, etc, on your ezboard profile you might be better off converting your account to a yuku account. You may have to upload your images again after converting your account.


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