Many of you will be familiar with Bob Brozman's book The History and Artistry of National Resonator Instruments published back in 1993. What many of you may not know is that there was much more to the story than Brozman had actually included in his book. Bob had done a great job telling the history of the National company but ............

.......... at long last, the full story of Nationals, Dobros, Supros, Valco and OMI musical instruments, has been brought together in a new book Palm Trees, Senoritas .... and Rocket Ships by world renowned expert, Mark Makin. Over six years in the making, the book is packed with illustrations of guitars, lap steels, amps, all drawn by Mark Makin, plus reproductions of catlogues, features on individual players - including Mark Knopfler and Steve Phillips - and a significanltly extended section on serial numbers.

Just watch this fun presenation by one resonator fan and learn more about this superb book and how you can obtain your very own copy:


You can find more info and place your order for this amazing book at


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